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Exam week, i'm going to explode.

2009-06-02 01:19:19 by Acromatik

Hey NG.

Whats new?

Holy crap graduating in 2 weeks. Fucking last exams then I'm home free. I'm generating so many ideas for atrocity and I can't wait to get started with all my free time.

Well here some 10 minute sketch i drew on flash - based of a concept art i did by hand. Its close, but i'm still not used to the mouse.

Why should you care?
Truth is you shouldn't care, but you guys will soon. muwhawhawha.

I will update till my flash is released, and trust me - it will be released.

Exam week, i'm going to explode.

Moosh + Me = NG's Finest Pico Day 09

2009-05-01 09:36:59 by Acromatik


Well... Moosh is probably sleeping so let me fill you in a little bit...

With the success of Pico Sim Date 2, Moosh and I are back at it again for Pico day 2009. You're probable all over this one already, but me and Moosh just worked on another Pico project together. Its called Pico's Finest and its a RPG with some strategy/building. You take control of three cadets (Pico, Darnell, Nene) and send them out to fight missions. Bare with us though, its sorta still in BETA - so Moosh is trying his best to add features you guys love like:

+Chance Time Stories
+Achievements (maybe even medals?)

Check it out when you get the chance!


Unfortunately this years submission wasn't Pico RPG. (I know i'm upset too.) but since the game is SO FUCKING HUGE i think Moosh is planing on releasing later. See his profile for more details.

First Post: Acromatik and Atrocity

2009-02-22 15:06:30 by Acromatik

Hey NG, I'm Acromatik.

I'm a graduating high school student and a part time flash artist. Hopefully I can get some movies and games to contribute to NG.

What am I up to?
Making a movie called Atrocity. Its going to be HUGE. I've been working on the story for quite some time (like my entire life. lol) and I think its going to be a treat for you guys to watch through flash. I'm still new to flash so it might take a while before episode 1 is finished, but by that time i'll be familiar with flash. I like quality over quantity, but right now the quality will have to come with practice. Which is what I need to find time doing.

What's Atrocity?
I don't want to give away the story, but i'll give you a taste of what i'm thinking of:



"Machines of war continuously blasted away at the planet, simply to redraw that maps for their countries. The damage that had been done was thought to be irreversible. It was to the point were mother nature had no choice, but to unleash hell on earth. The humans prayed to their gods for a second chance after 6 days of chaos. Their gods responed.

On the 7th day mistakes of old forgiven by the gods and 9 pillars were sent down from the heavens to restore order and fix what was once broken. The human rebuilt their great society, but they still remembered the mistakes of old. The atrocities that occurred during the time of war. They held their grudges tightly in their fist as the future started looking a lot like the past.

The pillars of the gods held immense powers. Power that could create fertile soil and purify any water , and replenished natural resources at faster rates. It was only a matter of time before the humans got greedy. They wanted to turn their country into the promise land. They had to claim the pillars for themselves.

The God's foresaw war over the pillars and selected a race of humans to act as messengers. The humans needed to be warned about the consequences of the pillars. The chosen oracles did their jobs, but their words were spoken among deaf ears. Due to their loyalty to the god's they were labeled traitors, doomsayers, and madmen. With the chosen ones sent to exile, the god's were unpleased with the humans."

Its just a preview, but that's the background story summed of pretty good.
I'm expecting about 20 episodes, each about 10-20 minutes long. It will probably take me 6 years to finish all of them, but I want to do this before I die.

The world has to know this story in my head, I just hope my flash skills can keep up.

Story boards: 5%
Episode I: .5%

First Post: Acromatik and Atrocity